Ambroz Haracic




Meteorologist Ambroz Haracic revolutionized Mali Losinj's ecology by planting 250,000 pines, illustrating their respiratory health benefits and transforming the island into a climatic vitality hub.

about Ambroz Suite

The Ambroz Haracic suite pays tribute to his remarkable contributions, with moss-adorned walls reflecting the lush landscape he nurtured through planting 250,000 trees. Immerse yourself in Ambroz’s profound legacy and the captivating natural beauty he inspired. The meticulously selected bed linen offers a luxurious thread count of 600 TC for a restful sleep experience. Adorned with his signature and the emblem of the house, it exudes prestige and sophistication, inviting you into a world of opulence and refinement. Let this remarkable space transport you into Ambroz’s enduring legacy.


balcony lounge

smart tv + netflix

hair dryer & beauty

luxurious robes

top level security

wireless charging

pillow choice

In suite bathroom


Pine trees view