Contessa Luxury Retreat - philosophy


We proudly present to you a retreat where luxury merges with harmony.

If a place has a soul, it remains alive forever.




Dear Guests,

we have created a luxurious and beautiful retreat that we are incredibly proud of. Our dedication, hard work, and passion have transformed our vision into a reality. It’s a place where guests can escape their everyday lives and experience pure bliss. We have put a lot of care into every detail, ensuring that our guests enjoy a year-round experience of unmatched luxury.

Group 885

birth of contessa

Contessa emerged, a tribute to Contessa Hilda, the regal matriarch of Losinj's sailing fleet. Island and home intertwine, forging a profound bond, as her name echoes through time, forever cherished.


aldebrand’s new record

In a remarkable moment in Lošinj's sailing history, a young captain Aldebrand became the region's youngest at 24. During an unforgettable voyage to Chile in 1906 on the ship "Contessa Hilda," he achieved an extraordinary feat, completing the journey from Trieste to Taltal in just 94 days via the Cape of Good Hope.

Group 885

rebirth of the legend

In a heartfelt tribute to the magnificent Contessa ship, its owners embarked on a mission to revive its legendary spirit into Contessa retreat. With great care and dedication, we restored legend of the vessel, ensuring its legacy would live on. This journey marked the beginning of a new chapter for the owners, as we are honoring the ship's memory.


the most exclusive retreat in the adriatic

Experience the pinnacle of luxury in the Adriatic at our exquisite retreat. It's an unmatched haven of opulence inspired by the legendary Contessa ship. Every detail has been carefully crafted to provide a remarkable and unforgettable experience.


Contessa, the vitality island, stands tall as the epitome of pride, for it has long been renowned as the cherished abode of sailors. In homage to this nautical legacy, a remarkable logo was crafted, symbolizing the island’s essence. The logo showcases the noble silhouette of a house, representing the enduring hospitality and warmth that welcomes all who grace its shores. Embracing the island’s seafaring heritage, a majestic sail unfurls proudly, mirroring the adventurous spirit that has thrived throughout the generations.


Our retreat offers a mental detox experience, allowing our guests to escape reality and recharge their mental batteries. Every detail is carefully designed to create a peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere. From tranquil surroundings to mindful activities and nourishing meals, we provide a sanctuary where guests can fully enjoy and find serenity.

Soft Life

A life of ease, peace, comfort and intentional happiness. It does not require struggle love, stress and distress. It consists of mutual relationships, clarity and self care.