The ultimate beach retreat on one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands

honoring our heritage

Over a century ago, the Contessa sail ship was the heart of our island, and today the Contessa Luxury Retreat captures the same magic, combining old fame with modern comfort in one perfect luxurious oasis. Honouring our heritage is a meaningful way to preserve and appreciate our island’s past. As we gather at our glorious Contessa Retreat that carries the name of “Contessa Hilda”, a majestic ship of the Lošinj’s past, we together have restored her legacy which was built with great dedication and love. Together, we strive to revive the essence of this place, restoring its beauty and embracing the stories ingrained in its very being.





Step into this breathtaking paradise, adorned with an abundance of luxurious amenities and endless activities.

Contessa Luxury Retreat - highlights - Heated Pool

Heated Pool

You can experience year-round swimming bliss.

Contessa Luxury Retreat - highlights - Food & Wine Boutique

Food & Wine Boutique

Indulge in a culinary journey with local ingredients.

Contessa Luxury Retreat - highlights - Wellness & Spa

Wellness & Spa

Recharge and revitalize.

Contessa Luxury Retreat - highlights - Private Cinema

Private Cinema

Experience cinematic luxury.

Contessa Luxury Retreat - highlights - Home Office

Home Office

Achieve optimal productivity in our dedicated home office.

Contessa Luxury Retreat - highlights - Billiards Club

Billiards Club

Unleash your competitive & fun spirit.

Contessa Luxury Retreat - highlights - Kids' World

Kids' World

Enter into kids world where laughter and imagination await.

Contessa Luxury Retreat - highlights - Garden


Escape into serene oasis with direct views of the sparkling sea.

The most luxurious retreat in Croatia

We focus on adding value to your stay in ways you may never have imagined. From the moment you arrive, your worries are taken away. Our staff takes care of all the minutiae, such as elegant packing and unpacking, so that you can start relaxing immediately. For those interested in the local cuisine, our mama cucina Ivana is ready to prepare traditional meals using fresh, local ingredients, offering you an authentic culinary journey. We pride ourselves on the uniqueness and the added value our retreat provides. We assure you, once you arrive, you’ll find an exceptional experience tailored to you, because our dedicated staff is committed to fulfilling all your requirements.

bed chambers


Contessa is a family owned and operated luxury retreat, a unique place where your well-being is our priority. Here, we believe that time is the last true luxury, so we created a place that lives and breathes 365 days a year.

Contessa Luxury Retreat  - philosophy -
Contessa Luxury Retreat  - philosophy -
Contessa Luxury Retreat  - philosophy -
Contessa Luxury Retreat  - philosophy -
Contessa Luxury Retreat  - philosophy -
Contessa Luxury Retreat  - philosophy -

arrange a call

To ensure a personalized and seamless experience, we offer the convenience of arranging a video call with the owners, allowing potential guests to discuss and clarify all details before making a reservation. This interactive opportunity provides an open dialogue, where any inquiries or specific requirements can be addressed, ensuring that your stay at our property exceeds your expectations from the very beginning.